I Believe–Creativity

I believe creativity is something that not many people understand. People say, “I can’t sing (or draw or dance or write), so I can’t be creative.” They refuse to take part in “creative” activities. But do you remember when you were in preschool or first grade? Nobody cared if you sang out of tune. Nobody cared if your picture was stick figures or if the clouds were colored pink and the dog was purple. And your compositions were always put up on the fridge because they were yours.

When you were a kid, creativity was still “being yourself without apology or explanation” and daring to share that with your world. Where did that go? Can you find it again?

I’m working on it. It’s HARD to be that way in the adult world. I’m always worried about what others think. This blog is one place I’m learning to find my voice. Some days are easier than others, but today is not too bad. I encourage you all to find a safe way to express your creative side. Don’t worry about how good it is.  Just do it!!!

Living is finding creative ways to be in the world, whether we are conscious of it or not. Take chances–become aware of that kid again, and let him or her come through every day!

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One Response to I Believe–Creativity

  1. Ellen says:

    Well said Lana!!

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