I Believe–Politics

What do I believe about politics? I always believed that there were two things you didn’t talk about in public–religion and politics. Looking back on that belief from a distance, I know now that part of the reason for it was that I had such radically different beliefs from most of the people I knew. I come from South Carolina, and the more conservative you are in South Carolina, the better. But boy, that suit never fit me. I found myself asking questions that I’d never dare speak out loud. Every once in a while, I’d read something that let me know that there were others like me. The question was finding them.

Through some really weird chain of events I wound up moving to Canada. Even though the “conservatives” are in charge and there doesn’t seem to be much hope of that changing here, I find kindred spirits who believe that politics can make a difference. There are people who are in it for the good of the people, not just the status quo. There aren’t many of us–or at least it doesn’t seem like it at election time. But I know they’re out there, and I know our time will come. Patience is everything in politics–you can’t change it from the outside. You have to understand what is going on and take responsibility for your part in it.

Politics isn’t just left to the politicians. It’s the responsibility of all of us who care.

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